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One day a wide orange crocodile that can’t swim came along the river and saw a great big person on the other side.The crocodile had to chomp the callapsed person within a minute or he would faint so he tried to smash some trees which will fall and make a brige so he could cross but he wasn’t strong enough to knock em down the next day he found him self in a CAGE that was built with a strong metal.

100 WC WEEK #7

I woke up and i was frezzing cold as i rolled out of my bed i putted on my footy gear and was exsited to vs kangroo flat.  as we got at the ground we where kicking goals as practise our coach pulls us up and told us our posision i got on the ground and i was exsited to win  first we plaayed the 1st and 2nd and 3 and 4th quarter and there was one minute to go of the fourth quarter and it was a draw so far the ball was down the wing  but someone on our team got court holding the ball but the umpire changed his mind and the crowed goes raws……..

100 wc week #5

I was in the oylimpic swimming pool as I was a about to do my 200 meter race I was streching my arms and all I could think about was  winning gold that would be a dream come true I took a look next to me and I noticd that there were thes guys putting these cemicals in the pool then I started to get worrie all these messegers went  throught my head  like what will happen to the pool will it turn green  again like it did in london. but then I took a look in the water and it began to turn green.

All wild animals shouldn’t be in cages

All wild animals shouldn’t be kept in cages


A cage is a couple of metal poles put together to make a cage. They keep animals in captivity witch is bad for the pore little wild animals. Cages are all around the world with wild animals in them right now. So here are two other reasons why I think wild animals so not be kept in cages.

Firstly I believe that all wild animals around the world shouldn’t be kept in cages because of these 2 other reasons.

Wild animals are not really dangers unless you get to close or you look tasty but it’s pretty rare.

Most of the animals are now in danged and are fighting to survive other humus that are attacking these wild animals and trying to put them in cages.

Secondly, on the other point of view if you live near a zoo and there are no cages for the wild animals they could escape and might go in your house. And they could posable attack you at the zoo.

In a nutshell wild animals are fight to survive from the other humus that are attacking them, but if the wild animals are in the zoo with no cages the wild will attack to get out of the zoo.

Job application

To Mr. O’Toole

Hi there Mr O’Toole i will like to run for computer coach for this term. Here are a couple reasons why i will like to run for computer coach for this term.

First of all I am 10 years old and I am turning 11 in august. I love to help and share my skills to the class and school. i will also be going to china this year so i have had a couple on disussions with the teachers.

I am a very resposible person I always care for the equipment around me and sre very with device’s like ipad’s ,ipod’s computers, laptops, and many othere device’s like that


please consider me for computer coach for this term.

Yours sincerely jarrod .