100 WC WEEK #7

I woke up and i was frezzing cold as i rolled out of my bed i putted on my footy gear and was exsited to vs kangroo flat.  as we got at the ground we where kicking goals as practise our coach pulls us up and told us our posision i got on the ground and i was exsited to win  first we plaayed the 1st and 2nd and 3 and 4th quarter and there was one minute to go of the fourth quarter and it was a draw so far the ball was down the wing  but someone on our team got court holding the ball but the umpire changed his mind and the crowed goes raws……..

100 wc week #5

I was in the oylimpic swimming pool as I was a about to do my 200 meter race I was streching my arms and all I could think about was  winning gold that would be a dream come true I took a look next to me and I noticd that there were thes guys putting these cemicals in the pool then I started to get worrie all these messegers went  throught my head  like what will happen to the pool will it turn green  again like it did in london. but then I took a look in the water and it began to turn green.