All wild animals shouldn’t be in cages

All wild animals shouldn’t be kept in cages


A cage is a couple of metal poles put together to make a cage. They keep animals in captivity witch is bad for the pore little wild animals. Cages are all around the world with wild animals in them right now. So here are two other reasons why I think wild animals so not be kept in cages.

Firstly I believe that all wild animals around the world shouldn’t be kept in cages because of these 2 other reasons.

Wild animals are not really dangers unless you get to close or you look tasty but it’s pretty rare.

Most of the animals are now in danged and are fighting to survive other humus that are attacking these wild animals and trying to put them in cages.

Secondly, on the other point of view if you live near a zoo and there are no cages for the wild animals they could escape and might go in your house. And they could posable attack you at the zoo.

In a nutshell wild animals are fight to survive from the other humus that are attacking them, but if the wild animals are in the zoo with no cages the wild will attack to get out of the zoo.