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To Mr. O’Toole

Hi there Mr O’Toole i will like to run for computer coach for this term. Here are a couple reasons why i will like to run for computer coach for this term.

First of all I am 10 years old and I am turning 11 in august. I love to help and share my skills to the class and school. i will also be going to china this year so i have had a couple on disussions with the teachers.

I am a very resposible person I always care for the equipment around me and sre very with device’s like ipad’s ,ipod’s computers, laptops, and many othere device’s like that


please consider me for computer coach for this term.

Yours sincerely jarrod .

3 thoughts on “Job application”

  1. Dear Jarrod,
    i will hire you! my assistant is Chloe and she will tell you all about our company. but to make sure you come to our company i will pay you $30 dollars a minute if you work on computers and all that stuff.

    from Ruby

    ps visit my blog – ruby56ma

  2. Dear Jarrod,
    I have read your job application and Ruby has sent me here.
    Our company is very successful and we have a lot of money we are desperate for a new young male worker. Also your application is wonderful.
    From Chloe

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